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6*4                                 LETTERS  FROM   THE

Mr. Grenville is to be Speaker. He is young
and near-sighted. There are great disputes among
the King's physicians. The Queen will accept the
regency if the Prince refuses, but he has decided
to have it on any terms. The limitations have
been sent to him. They are supposed to prevent
him from giving any patent places, making peers
and changing the household. The King's real and
personal estate Is to be vested in Lord Hawkes-
bury and J. Robinson, by which means they keep
the chancellorship of Lancaster and the surveyor-
ship of the woods. The Opposition talk loudly and
imprudently of wreaking their vengeance on Eden
and on Buckingham. The Duke of Portland is
to be minister. Many members skulk; among
others, Johnny Wilkes, who has gone to hide
himself in the Isle of Wight till all is over,

January gth. The Foxites say the King
amuses himself with the Red Book, creating
baronets, and that he takes exercise in his apart-
ment, riding on a cane.1 The Pittites, on the

i An odd example of hallucination, not unlike that re-
corded by Mr. S., is said to have occurred not long since
in a certain royal palace. A person holding a place about
the Court, and who no one imagined had any wits to lose,
was waiting in the gallery for the royal party to go out

riding.    Lady -----,  happening to pass   by,  placed  her

Leghorn hat and feathers on a table.   This our gentleman